Here at the Clipping Masking Photoshop, we have been providing our clients with high-quality background removal services for years. As the software has improved, so have the results of our service.

These days, the knowledge of our designers and the capabilities of Photoshop allows us to provide you with fast and perfect background removal services that can help you with the further graphical manipulation of your photos and present your company in the best light possible.

Despite the fact that background removal service remains the most common and most popular service we provide,

we offer a wide range of other graphic design services starting with the most basic tasks all the way up to the most complex high-demanding actions.

We have prepared this article to inform you about background removal services and to provide you with extensive knowledge and information regarding this popular service, which will help you in the future,

whether you will decide to perform these actions yourself or save time by outsourcing background removal services to a trustworthy company.

Herein we will start off by touching on why you need background removal services and how to remove the background.

We will also take a closer look at several categories of image background removal services, benefits of background removal services, and much more.

Let’s dig in.

Why Do You Need Background Removal Service?


In 2020 graphic material rules the world. Whether you focus on hard copies of magazines or online media, photos are what attracts our attention.

As such, it is almost irrelevant in which industry or niche are you operating in, as long as you are trying to grab someone’s attention (which is the essence of the marketing), you need to have great, eye-catching images.

Even the best photographers and all the studio equipment won’t get you the results that a simple background removal can.

Of course, the final results can be much better and the process itself a lot faster if the original photos are of high quality,

however, background removal can turn the simplest photo of a product into an image that will raise the product’s sales to the new levels.

The simplest answer to the above question is to present whatever it is you are presenting in the best possible light, to gain extra flexibility and to create the most profit.

These are the main reasons why individuals and companies need background removal services.

The reasons why many outsource these services are often as simple as because they don’t know how to do it themselves, they want to save time and get the best results directly for someone well experiences, and to get the best price, which is an area where companies like ours really shine in.

Whether you are a photographer, a designer, an e-commerce owner or manager, a local business owner or any other company or individual trying to present your brand in the best possible light, you can definitely benefit noticeably from high-qualify background removal services.

How to Remove The Background from an Image

There are several ways to remove image background, the technique used mostly depends on the type of image and the purpose of the use of the final image. The most common two methods are clipping path services and image masking.

Of course, Photoshop already has some great quick tools, which can also be used on simple photos for even faster results.

Moreover, the actual background removal can be a completely basic service, however, it can also include some additional touches to deliver a great final product. As a client, you should know what you want when submitting an order.

If you want only basic background removal, you should expect to pay the most basic fees, however, if you want final products to be ready for final use, you, of course, must be prepared to pay the higher price.

Below we will cover the various techniques that are often included and performed in addition to the basic background removal.

Background Removal

Backgroun Removal


This part is pretty self-explanatory; you tell us which object is of your interest (if there are several objects in the photo) and we remove the background. This provides you with an image of an object which can then be used on any other background and for further graphic manipulation, such as brochures, catalogs, and website designs.

Borders Fixing

Oftentimes, there are parts of the object of interest that were covered or not as clear as we would want. Borders are the most problematic areas. As such, our designers often perform additional border fixing to provide our clients with great final results.

Borders or should we say the pixels on the borders of the object are often affected by the original background color/s and to make the final products suitable for use on various backgrounds, the border must be fixed.

Shadows Dropping

Shadows Dropping

Shadow dropping is an additional option that can be a nice extra feature. This depends on the purpose of your final image. In some cases, shadows can be a great effect and can make the image look even better.

Our designers can create shadows from scratch so if this is something you’d be interested in, make sure to mention it. Shadows can be oriented according to your needs or our designers can set them according to their feeling.


Skin Retouching

Skin Retouching

Most often the objects in the photo are people. In these cases, skin retouching might be in place. If you want to get a final product that looks fabulous, then skin retouching is a must, however, if you want only background removal and will perform skin retouching and other actions yourself, this is not something you need.

Clothes Smoothing

Clothes Sommthing

Clothes are tricky and there are often some wrinkles or other lines that make the apparel look less appealing. Our professional Photoshop experts can take care of those nuisances and smooth out any imperfections.

Photo Color Correction

PhotoColor Correction

If you want a final photo to be perfect, you will always need to apply at least some basic photo color correction. This can be easily performed by our experts to provide you with a stunning looking image that has colors that match your style and taste.

Categories of Image Background Removal Service

There are many different ways in which image background removal services can be categorized. For use, it makes the most sense to divide them into various industries.

There are basically countless industries and niches in which image background removal services are used. Herein we will take a closer look of the most common.

Professional Background Removal Services for the Fashion Industry

Professional Background Removal Services for the Fashion Industry
The fashion industry is all about looks, thus it is only natural that they work with tons of photos. They use background removal services on photos of models or other fashion-related objects/products. Models with flying hair are one of the trickiest types of photos.

Only the best background removal services will perform a proper job when it comes to providing high-quality results with hair. This is without a doubt one of those areas, where professionals stand apart from the crowd.

Specialized Background Removal Services For Ecommerce

Specialized Background Removal Services for Ecommerce

If you want your e-commerce to be at the highest level, you sure know that product images play an extremely important role. Having photos on a white background is a must-have. And if this is done sloppy, customers will notice it and stay clear from your store. As such, make sure to have background removal done properly.

The most efficient and safest way if without a doubt to rely on professional background removal services offered by a well-experienced company. That way you will get final results fast and retain a quality standard that you want and need for the product images to result in sales, which is the actual goal, right?

Professional Background Removal Services for Small Sellers


Small sellers have been avoiding this part and for a long time, they were able to get away with poorer quality images. However, the customers in 2020 are very smart and even if you are a small seller you must have the looks well taken care of. As such we have had a noticeable increase in orders submitted by small sellers.

Remove Background Product Photography Service

Remove Background Product Photography Service

There are many photographers who specialize in product photography. They impress their client by offering them final products with backgrounds removed but they don’t waste time performing this part themselves. We have many photographers as regular clients sending us bulks of product photos for us to get the background removal done.

Other types of background removal services

Even if you have a perfect photo, you want to remove the background so that you will be able to use the main object of the photo in many other ways.

This is especially important in the fashion industry and online shops selling any kind of products.

  • Basic Shaped Subjects
  • Simple Shaped Subjects
  • Medium Shaped Subjects
  • Complex Shaped Subjects
  • Super Complex Shaped Subjects
  • Remove Background With Masking (Subjects With Soft Edges)
  • Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects
  • Unwanted Object Remove

Benefits of Background Removal Services

The main benefits of background removal services are PROFITS. We must be honest, right? Well, profits are the main reason why a lot of time and money is spent on perfecting images. Of course, there is also a brand reputation, professionalism, etc. but honestly it all comes down to PROFITS.

Here is a list of additional benefits of background removal services:

  • Engaging photos – engaging photos make customers take action, comment, purchase and more
  • Consistent portfolio – consistent portfolio is extremely important for the overall looks of any website, especially e-commerce
  • Reduced image size – this is very relevant for online use, where you want images to be as little as possible (file size) to load as fast as possible
  • Elimination of distracting objects in the photo – it is super important for the object of interest to stand out as much as possible and no to be overshadowed by some other irrelevant objects

When to use background removal

Most times it is important to remove the background. This typically includes the following:

  • When you want to comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay
  • When the background is distracting or takes focus away from the subject of the image
  • When you want to showcase the details of your product and make it stand out
  • When you want to draw attention to an object in the foreground
  • If you need to isolate and show specific features of a product or object
  • If you want to create a uniform background on multiple images, such as a product catalog or e-commerce store
  • When you want to achieve a transparent background

NOTE: Of course, we cannot list all the possible reasons. If you feel the need to get rid of the background, you are probably right. If you are not sure, though, you can ask our professionals to advise you.


When not to use background removal

Despite the fact that we are a background removal service company, we must tell you that not every image will be improved if the background is removed. Here are the two most common situations, when it is better not to remove the background:

  • If the existing background provides great context to the object
  • If you can use perfect lighting and backdrops to create white background product photos when you shoot

Why Choose Us for Background Removal Services

Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we have been removing image background for many years. Our team of experts is used to delivering top-notch results in the shortest amount of time possible. With the use of designers living in Asia, where the cost of living is cheaper, we can provide you with much better prices than any other USA-based background removal services provider.

Moreover, we believe in honesty and true human relationship, which reflects in our company’s policy. We treat our customers and clients with maximum respect and expect the same treatment in return.

Honesty and open communication are of extreme importance and the only way to avoid conflicts and provide satisfying results on a recurring basis.


We care

We care about the quality, about the customers’ satisfaction, and about our reputation. Thus we do all we can to over-deliver on every order. We take your trust seriously and care deeply about our long-term positive relationship.

Customer support

Our customer support is prompt and trained to deliver on-point support. You can receive advice from our designers and get answers to any question in no-time. The best way to reach us is via email. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the answers you are looking for.

Devotion to work

We love Photoshop. Each and everyone on our team is in love with their work. We all have the perfect combination of artistic and technical components to provide our customers with great results. That combination makes us fully devoted to work and continuous aim for perfection.


Quality Standards

We set the highest quality standards. Our goal is to deliver impeccable results on every photo or image that we edit, no matter the size of an order we put full attention to each photo and get the job done properly and thoroughly.

Cost-efficient Services

We set the prices as low as humanly possible to make our services super affordable for all our clients. We know that cost is one of our main advantages, thus we stick to our prices. The best thing is that we never compromise on our quality. Cost-efficiency is definitely something you can count on with us always.

Timely Delivery

We know how important deadlines are and always make sure to stick to them. Many of our regular clients are reputable photographers and fashion magazines, who take deadlines deadly seriously.

If we are experiencing a momentarily increase in order, we will inform you promptly and tell you what timeline to expect. Then it is completely up to you to decide whether that timeline is acceptable for you.

Skilled Team

All our team members are trained and experienced designers who know ins and outs of Photoshop. They all are able to see immediately what would be the best technic to perform on the given photo and what other adjustment needs to be applied to provide you with the best final results.

We Love Challenges

Despite the fact that we have been in this line of business for long enough to have seen more or less every possible setting and photo, we do love the challenges. So if you have a batch of photos that seem extra tricky, do not hesitate in reaching out to us.

Expect to pay extra in case of super tricky background removal services. We set the prices according to our standard price list, which defines the level of complexity and thus required time to get the proper job done.

We sincerely hope that we have provided you with all the information you need to know whether or not we are the right fit for you. If you have any additional questions for our support team our designers, do not hesitate in sending us an email. 

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with perfect background removal services and any other photo editing services that you may need.

Sincerely yours,

Clipping Masking Photoshop