Even though you may have never heard of the ‘clipping path services’ expression before, we guaranty that you’ve seen it in action and its results many times.

Herein we will first explain what clipping path is and have a closer look at various types of clipping path services, such as basic clipping path, compound clipping path, multiple clipping path, and others. Furthermore, we will tell you what are the benefits of the clipping path service and have a closer look at some of the specific clipping path services and action steps.

We will also present you with useful information regarding the clipping path at an affordable price, have a look at the tasks that a clipping path assistant can complete, get an extensive overview over the various clipping path services, and wrap it all up by covering the important facts of clipping path service.

Let’s first officially introduce ourselves, we are the Clipping Masking Photoshop company, an expert on clipping path services and another Photoshop-related editing. Herein, we will share some of our knowledge regarding the best clipping path services.

Let’s dig in, shall we?


What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is essentially a process of professionally extracting an object out of the digital photo. It is also known as a digital photo cut-out, image clipping, closed vector path or shape, deep etching, and various other names.

The ‘clipping’ part of the expression is very obvious since we are clipping out a part of a photo. The path part refers to the process of basically droving a vector path around the object or multiple objects that we want to select. This is essentially a vector line, which means it is not pixel-depended and thus offers the highest level of detailed clipping.

Once we have applied the clipping path, we use it to ether select everything on the inside or on the outside of that path and simple cut-out the selection or delete the selected parts.

The process allows us to cut-out the object or to remove the background, as such it is what basically all online stores use to present their products on white or any other types of background they please. Of course, there are various other industries aside from e-commerce that rely on clipping path services and here at the Clipping Masking Photoshop, we have clients from all sorts of industries.

Types of Clipping Path

There are various types of clipping path services. Moreover, there are also multiple ways in which we can divide the clipping path service. Herein, we will focus on types of clipping path services according to the complexity since this is the most common division, which also determines the price of a clipping path service.

Basic Clipping Paths

basic path - best clipping path service

The basic clipping path represents the entry-level of the clipping path service. It generally requires a single path with mostly straight curves, this means the object of interest is solid and of simple shape. A few good examples of basic clipping path services would include objects such as ball, plate, egg, mobile, book, computer mouse, spoon, etc.
The basic clipping path service also represents the lowest price level.

Simple Clipping Paths

Simple Path

A simple clipping path is applied to curved products/objects with a simple hole, such as  T-shirts, shoes, rings, watches, earrings, chairs, cameras, etc. When referring to a simple clipping path, the number of curves and anchor points of the path is greater than the basic clipping path, yet still relatively simple to perform.
The simple clipping path service represents the second price level.

Compound Clipping Paths

Compound Path

Compound clipping paths represent or also known as medium-level clipping paths. It includes isolating objects with multiple holes and designs on images with multiple curves. The number of anchor points here is noticeably greater than with a simple clipping path.

Some good examples of compound/medium clipping paths: bracelets, group shoes, group watches, motor parts, group rings, double shoes, group foods, etc. Basically, any photo containing multiple simple objects would fall into a compound clipping path category.

As expected, the compound/medium type of clipping paths cost more than simple and basic clipping paths.

Complex Clipping Paths


Complex clipping path is applied to images or photos of compound (a great number of objects) and complex shapes, designs or group photos. The objects on these types of photos have many holes or many transparency levels and many closed paths.

Great examples of such objects are chains, a group of people, furniture, group bracelets, furry dolls, complex jewelry, nets, cycles, hair in the wind (models), etc.

As you can imagine, these types of clipping paths are very time-consuming, thus they cost more than the above clipping paths.

Multiple Clipping Paths

Multiple clipping paths

A multiple clipping path is a complex clipping path with additional paths carefully crafted within the product itself. Multiple clipping paths’ purpose is to save you the trouble of re-shooting since it enables you to change the color of your product or correct shadows in only a portion of the image.

With multiple clipping path services, the client can change individual components of an image in terms of enhancing or changing color level, multiple fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters, effects, and more.

Of course, you should expect to pay extra for multiple clipping path services.

Super Complex Clipping Paths

Suppr Complex

Some objects are extremely complex and require Super Complex Clipping paths. This refers to a wide range of products containing multiple double holes, high complexity, gate-like shape, vertical and horizontal zigzag design and similar. All of these require a large number of paths and anchor points.

Some solid examples of super complex clipping path are fences, multiple dolls, group photos with flying hair, multiple interlaced decorative chains, group bracelets, furry dolls, gates of buildings, trees, etc.

Naturally, a super complex clipping path service is the most expensive.

NOTE: Complex Clipping Paths, Multiple Clipping Paths, and Super Complex Paths may also require the use of image masking services, layer masks, and alpha-channel masking to get the best possible results, which may also result in additional costs.

Benefits of Clipping Path Service

As mentioned above, clipping path services are used in a wide range of industries to make the most out of the existing photos or to create images that couldn’t be done even with the best camera crews and top studios.

Using high-quality clipping services essentially enables you, as a company or an individual to dispose of images of individual objects, products, models, animals, etc., and use them to create top-notch quality visual content.

Outsourcing clipping path services can save you an enormous amount of time. We have a powerful team of Photoshop experts specialized in clipping path services that meet the highest level of expectations.

In 2020, visual content is the king. If you want to be competitive, grab people’s attention, and get them to put their trust and their money into your hands, you must WOW them. And flawless visual content is the most certain way to get the WOW factor across.

The most direct benefits of clipping path service are background removal, transparency setting, and manipulating specific areas of the image or an object as needed. Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we are experts in all of those.

An indirect benefit is definitely a more professional-looking business on your end as you will use higher-quality graphic material throughout your channels. Not to mention the extra time that would have otherwise been spent on performing clipping path actions yourself.


Why Do You Need a Clipping Path?

If you have the need to manipulate a specific part of photos or extract specific objects out of the photo, remove backgrounds, change colors, shadows, etc. then you should definitely consider clipping path services.

Clipping path is something that almost anyone can learn to do, however, there is a learning curve to it and the process can be rather time-consuming. Thus it makes a lot of sense to outsource it.

Clipping path service may be used by photographers, business owners, managers, designers, or anyone else who doesn’t have the time to draw clipping paths themselves but would like to use the benefits of doing it.

If you are interested in our experts taking over this part for you, make sure to get in touch with us so we can discuss further details.

When to Use a Clipping Path?

  • Clipping path is great when you want to cut-out or to remove background around the objects in the photo that have relatively smooth edges.
  • When you want to alter the color scheme of selected regions using (multi-clipping paths).
  • When you need to modify a specific portion of the photo.
  • When designing catalogs and you just want to hide the background without actually removing it.

When Not to Use a Clipping Path

Sometimes objects are just too complex and the results that would be obtainable with clipping path may not meet the standard or would take way too much time. This is the case when objects have very fuzzy edges. Great examples of such objects are fuzzy blankets, furry toys, trees, hair in the wind, and similar.

Why Choose Clipping Masking Photoshop for Clipping Path?

Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we have a large team of trained and experienced professionals who are able to deliver fast and flawless results on bulky orders. We use the best software available on the market – PHOTOSHOP, which enables us to provide you with basically all sorts of clipping path services and other photo editing tasks. Moreover, thanks to Adobe’s Photoshop our products are 100% compatible with all the most popular design pieces of software, such as InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

Even if you have no idea about clipping paths or any other photo editing actions, you sure have heard of Photoshop before, right? Well, there is a good reason behind this. Photoshop is without a doubt the most powerful photo manipulating tool available on the market.

Even though there are many other pieces of software that may be suitable for the clipping path, we honestly believe that Photoshop is definitely the best choice and the only way to ensure our clients get the best results. That is why we’ve even included it in our company’s name.

Aside from our professionalism and rich experiences, we also provide highly affordable prices, which make a decision on outsourcing the clipping path services a no-brainer.

Get in touch with our designers today. Simply send us an email explaining your needs and expectations (deadlines) and we will reply with our most attractive offer. All your clipping path needs will soon be worry of the past.

We look forward to helping you.

Working Procedure of Clipping Path at Clipping Masking Photoshop

Now, the exact actions will definitely depend on the exact clipping path service need in the specific case, however, there are some of the most common procedures, which we decided to cover herein.

All of the action steps presented below are not automatically cover, thus make sure to exactly specify, what sort of final products you are looking for. Here are some of the most common working procedures of the clipping path here at Clipping Masking Photoshop.


1. Keep Original Shadow

As you request a clipping path service, you should know if you want to extract an object alone or if you want to keep the original shadow as well. Our Photoshop experts are well capable of doing whichever you prefer.

Keep Orginal Shadow


Sometimes shadows are not something you would want, other times they can make the extracted object look even better. Even if there is no shadow, you should know that our top-notch professionals can create authentically looking shadows for you.

2. Dust Removal, Spot Removal

You should be aware that by default most clipping path service won’t perform dust removal and spot removal without you asking for those services as well. However, here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we make sure to remove dust and spots. However, you should expect to pay extra for those to be applied, especially in cases when they are in greater numbers.

Dust Removal


This is definitely something you want in the final product. Even if you have a perfect clipping path done, it won’t be worth much if there are dust and spots on images.

3. Crop, Resize Image Optimization

Crop, Resize Image Optimization


NOTE: Knowing what sort of end results are you looking for is essential. If you really have no idea about photo editing, make sure to consult with our professionals in advance.

Clipping Path at Affordable Price


Whether you are a bulk designer, photographer, e-commerce owner, or any other type of entrepreneur who needs clipping path service, it always makes sense to look for highly affordable offers.

Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop we completely understand that and as such offer the most affordable clipping path services. But you should remember that price is not everything, it is the combination of affordability and quality that you should aim for; and this is exactly what we are best known for.

You can get offers as low as $0.30 per photo but as we mentioned above, the price greatly depends on the complexity of the task.

You can check our reviews and sample work to make sure that we meet the highest level of quality. We do the best we can to leave behind nothing but perfect clipping path results and satisfied clients.

The Tasks Your Clipping Path Assistant CAN Complete


We have capitalized CAN because not all clipping path assistance have the same capabilities. However, below is a list of tasks you should aim to be covered by your clipping path assistant. Moreover, these are the task that we, the Clipping Masking Photoshop can perform for you with ease.


Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Whatever item or object you have on the photo, you always want it to look as good as possible. Whether it is jewelry, architecture, or wedding models, retouching is an essential part of making images meet high standards that clients all across the globe have gotten used to. By cleaning and removing dust and unwanted elements, your products will be picture-perfect and drive up sales and profits.

Photo Enhancement

Glamour Photo Retouching


Even the best photographers are limited to what kind of photos they can take. Especially if photos aren’t taken in the studio. Not to mention the fact, that many of you have to deal with photos taken by amateurs or found online. As such, it is important that photos are enhanced, which is done by adjusting brightness, saturation, and other attributes to make the objects in the photo look interesting and not dull at all.

Background Removal

Bacground removal


If you are in any way in need of specific items in photos, you definitely need someone who knows how to remove background and provide you with objects that can then further be used for a wide range of visual content. Moreover, sometimes you are dealing with dirty or off-color backgrounds, which should absolutely be removed or replaced with a clean and beautiful one.

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin


This is very important if you are dealing with apparel photos. Having a clipping assistant who knows to perform this properly, will make your storefront look perfect and attract more and more customers. Viewing a garment of clothing on a mannequin, the inner parts of the clothing are not visible. This is where the magic happens, as these areas are reconstructed with proper clipping path service – the neck joint/ghost mannequin service to be specific.

Others Clipping Path Services


Above, we have covered some of the most basic clipping path services, which most of the clipping assistants should be able to perform. Herein, we will have a closer look at some additional clipping path services that might be of interest to you and your business, which are of course all available here at Clipping Masking Photoshop.

NOTE: A wide range of detailed clipping path services presented below may sometimes be included in some of the actions presented above, however, it is not necessary. As such, it is always best to ask for any of these services specifically.

3D/360° Pack shot Retouching


This option includes a full 3D or 360° view of the object/product. It can be created even if you have photos from a limited number of angles. An expert in clipping path service can reconstruct the entire object in the full scope of views.

Shadow Effects


There are various types of shadow effects available, which can be a nice addition to your products and serve as an attention grabber. The most popular are drop shadow effects, natural shadow effects, and reflection effects. If you would like to learn more about the shadow effects options, make sure to ask your clipping path specialist for details.

Color Correction and Editing


Aside from entire photo corrections, specific colors can be easily adjusted and edited to either fix the unbalance to create an image that meets your business’s or store’s style. Color correction and editing is something that comes handy very often.


Photo Cleaning


Dust, dirt, skin imperfections, spots, and other unwanted mistakes can often appear in the photo. It is very important that all of these are removed. You should always aim to have perfect and spotless images before using them for any marketing or sales materials.

Batch Photo Editing


Certain pieces of software have the batch photo editing option, which means that the same editing rules can be applied to I greater number of photos. This sort of editing can save a lot of time and cost on your end. However, you should know, that this is only applicable for editing aspects that are required by the entire batch. This best works with color correction, contrast, and brightness.

Borders Fixing


Borders that are not visible need fixing are quite a regular occurrence. In that case, a clipping path expert will zoom in the photo and edit/add parts to make the photo complete and presentable. If you notice that you have this sort of issue in your images, make sure to point it out and request borders fixing.



Masking is a very powerful tool as it allows for different channels or layers of an image to be selected so that focus can be placed on the parts that are of the most interest and alter or remove different parts. This way full control of the aspects of the image is achieved.

Vector Conversion


If you plan to use your images for printing or large resolutions, then vector files are essential. A properly trained clipping path assistant will know how to convert any of your images into vector files.

Photo Manipulation


There are very few limitations to what sort of photo manipulations can be done. Of course, these depend on your needs and expectations. Moreover, you should definitely expect to pay extra for more complex and advanced photo manipulation tasks.

Ready for eCommerce


If you are dealing with a professional clipping path expert, he or she will always make sure that all photos are ready for e-commerce. However, to avoid any misunderstandings, it is best to point it out if you are in need of e-commerce-ready photos or just a plain simple clipping path service.

Important Facts about the Clipping Path Service


Herein we will cover the most important facts regarding the clipping path services. As a business manager or owner that needs clipping path services in any way, you should be well aware of the facts below. Knowing this information will help you make a much better decision regarding your clipping path services in the future. It will help you ask the right questions and thus set the right expectations and provide proper instructions and requests, which will all result in you disposing with top-notch images and presenting your company in the best possible light.

Clipping Path in Photoshop and Beyond

As mentioned above, Photoshop is without a doubt the best ultimate tool for any type of photo manipulation. It allows a user to perform all actions needed to create a final flawless image. Clipping path is a very small portion of Photoshop’s capabilities.

Photoshop is also equipped with many automated tools that can make things a lot easier and provide great results fast. However, when it comes to clipping path services, those tools will rarely provide as good of results as if done manually by a professional, who will do a detailed job. 

We advise you to make sure that clipping path services are done by Photoshop experts. Moreover, if you are looking to get into clipping path services yourself, we highly advise you to choose Photoshop software.

If you are a Photoshop expert yourself and have to edit a great number of photos (including clipping path portion), it definitely makes sense to outsource that part. That way you will have this rather time-consuming part done and a lot more time to focus on detail retouching.

Moreover, Photoshop is Adobe’s piece of software and thus makes completely removes the compatibility issues when working with InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and other Adobe visual content creating programs.


Clipping Path InDesign Professionals


InDesign is also Adobe’s piece of software that is used for catalogs, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, posters, business cards, postcards, stickers, comics, and many other types of documents or visual communication materials.

InDesign professionals need a lot of objects cut-out of photos, thus they often outsource clipping path service to save a ton of time.

Clipping Path Illustrator Services


Illustrator is another of Adobe’s powerful designing tools. It is great for designing content ready for printing and manipulating vector files.

If you have a vector file, it makes a lot of sense to perform the clipping path in Illustrator. If this is something you are looking for, make sure to mention this to your clipping path assistant.

Moreover, Illustrator can be used to convert PNG files of Photoshop paths into vector files with ease.

Whether you are working with vector files or not, having a set of prepared clipping path images will make your workflow in Illustrator a lot faster and smothers.

As an Illustrator user, you should also consider outsourcing clipping path services to save enormous amounts of time.

Clipping Path Asia: Outsourcing to Cut Costs, Not Quality


Are you one of those people who think of low quality when you hear of Asia? Well, don’t be. Asians are highly capable of producing amazing results in many areas and clipping path services is definitely one of those areas.

You see, most parts of Asia have a much lower cost of living, thus you can pay for the same services way less than you would in the 1st world countries. As such it makes complete sense to outsource clipping path to Asian Photoshop experts.

However, finding a reliable clipping path services in Asia from scratch can be extremely time consuming and you might spend weeks on correspondence before finding a perfect fit for your needs. Moreover, there are scammers online that you can easily encounter when initiating such deals.

Thus, it makes sense to connect with a company that is already specialized in outsourcing your clipping path requests to Asian ‘Photoshop-ers’. That way you will pay slightly more than connecting with Asian clipping path experts directly, yet still a lot less than outsourcing it with someone from your country.

Finding the Right Clipping Path Specialist


Perfect clipping path specialist is armed with the best tools of the trade and knowledge of advanced industrial design. You should always seek a clipping path expert that offers a portfolio of exemplary design, fast turn-around time and reasonable price.

When you are looking for a clipping path specialist, you also have to make sure they offer sophisticated design services. Today’s market demands excellence and sophisticated design services are the key indicator of the quality of the experts offered. The leading designers will add value to your images, giving you a choice of flexible design. If you are also able to get an affordable price, you got yourself a winning candidate.

And as a smart business owner, you should aim for nothing less.

Making a Clipping Path in Photoshop That (Literally) Stands Out


The process of making a clipping path in Photoshop may sound easier than it is. A lot can get lost in translation when you make a 2-dimensional outline of a 2-dimensional picture of a three-dimensional product.

Fortunately, there are trained individuals who know how to use the perfect combination of automated and manual tools to provide the best result in the shortest amount of time and provide you with the perfect material for your designs.

Professional clipping path services get the best rendition of your image and can use ‘hard edger’ or ‘soft edges’ technique accordingly. Of course, the technique used depends on the type of work. Hard edges are crisp and defined 2-D slice of your photo, and soft edges are slightly blurred together area with vague, undefined, or inherently blurred edges.

Depending on the type of image you’re looking for, edge softness and compound paths can increase the scope of your design opportunities. Engineering a complex clipping path is extremely important to round objects and objects with complex textures, resulting in a smooth and professional finish that you can easily transfer to a new background.


Clipping Path Service Provider’s Tools and Techniques


Any high-quality clipping path service provider with a dedication to excellence will combine some of the best tools available. Depending on the picture, your personal instructions and unique requirements of your needs, a clipping path service provider will use the following: the quality of the digital pen design, premier graphics software, a tool anchor point, the tool point convert, and the technique of anti-aliasing.

All clipping path tools and techniques work in tandem with manual techniques and software-driven devices like Bezier clipping and offset curves to create winning silhouettes and a clipping path that is perfect for use in all of your future graphics work. Most primary clipping path services can include the following:

  • Hand-drawn clipping paths, also known as deep masking with advanced pen tools
  • Clipping path edge manipulation for complex silhouettes
  • Additional clipping masks and layer masking services
  • A full range of additional photo enhancement and image design services.
  • Clipping path cuts and framing
  • Vector paths for use in multiple graphic design platforms
  • Custom-cut clipping paths through multiple layers

The Ultimate Clipping Path Solution

If you are in need of a perfect clipping solution, we can help you out. Given all of the above information, you now know that we have a lot of knowledge regarding the clipping path solutions.

We’ve been offering the ultimate clipping path solutions for many years. We offer a world-class design team at a fraction of the cost compared to other USA based designers. We can take over all clipping path tasks and take off a lot of burden off your design teams’ hands out of the way.

If you need more than simple clipping, we know how to handle more advanced photo editing needs as well. We aim to provide a comprehensive solution clipping path services for e-commerce stores, photographers, graphic designers, and other businesses looking to build and display stunning images without exceeding their budget.

We are always happy to chat with our customers about their needs and answer any questions that you might have. You can also contact our designers today to learn more about our services or discuss details regarding your clipping path needs. If you’re ready to place an order for some high-quality best clipping paths services or some other graphic design services, visit our order page.

If you have any questions about our service, you are more than welcome to browse our website for some useful information or send us an email, to which we will reply in no time.