How to Use the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop cs3

Have you ever wanted to have a tool that lets you select a single image in your photo with extreme accuracy? A selection tool that meets all your needs? Then this quick selection tool will suit your needs almost like it was made just for you. It allows you to easily manipulate your selection field to avail you of the accuracy you’ll need to select your field precisely. All this in a few simple steps that are simply a no-brainer.

When you begin using this tool, your Photoshop experience will be revolutionized, and this feature will leave you amazed at the convenience of using Photoshop. This feature will change your editing game for sure, allowing you to be able to manipulate your field as needed. The accuracy with which it will enable you to select an image or even part of an image will genuinely baffle you. This quick selection tool will prove truly indispensable, and its ease of use adds to its convenience. With features like customizing the brush size to suit your needs, this quick selection tool is truly invaluable.


Brief Description of the Quick Selection Tool

The quick selection tool is one of the most precise tools you can use to select a part of an image, and this is why: It simplifies the process of selecting a single object by automatically selecting areas with the same shades of color. It uniquely creates a boundary between these selected regions and the rest of the images. Using simply a brush tip, it allows you to select parts of an image accurately. Various adjustments can be made on your brush to make it just right to select your preferred area. It, therefore, works best with objects in well-defined regions with clear contrast.


Process of Accessing the Quick Selection Tool

It is very user-friendly and easy to use, and this adds to the convenience of its use. To begin with, you can very easily find it on your quick selection toolbox as the fourth icon on the list. To simplify this click tools>toolbox>quick selection tool. Alternatively, you could click the magic wand tool then select the quick select tool. It is thus really quite easy to open and use the quick selection tool.

Making A New Selection

When using this tool to make a new selection, the ‘new selection’ button automatically selects areas clicked on based on color. The areas over which the cursor passes over are automatically selected based on their color. It thus automatically detects related pixels to facilitate ease of selection. The edge of the image is created by excluding areas with contrasting colors.

Adjusting Brush Size

Brush diameter is one of the parameters that may be adjusted to suit your needs. Brush diameter determines the size of your brush, and it can thus be varied to meet your needs depending on your desired selection area. It is measured in pixels (px). You drag the slider to the size that best suits your needs. Other brush parameters that may be adjusted include brush hardness (usually remains at 100%), brush spacing, brush angle and brush roundness all to allow you to customize your brush to suit your needs.

Adding and Subtracting From a Selection

There are two ways to refine the selection region, and both these buttons are easy to locate on the quick selection tool. These may be used after the selection has been defined. Once the initial selection is made, you could adjust the area using the ‘Add selection’ button and zoom and drag over areas that should be added to include an area to suit your exact selection.

The ‘subtract from selection’ allows you to remove areas out of the selection by dragging out areas that you do not want in the selection field to refine your selection area.

Frequently Asked 

Questions                                                                                                                                            Q: Does the quick selection tool

allow you to make adjustments to the selection area?

Yes, the quick selection tool

has two features (add to selection and remove from selection) for adding and removing areas within the selection field to allow you to customize your further selection. These features are easily accessible on the tab.

Q: How do you access t

he selection tool?

The selection tool can be easily accessed by clicking on the wand icon on the navigation pane or finding it on your toolbox where it is fourth on the list and thus easily accessible. This makes this tool very user-friendly.

Final Words

This quick selection feature is one

of the reasons why Photoshop is the leading photo editing software in use. Photoshop allows you to easily edit images applying desired effects easily to improve the quality of your images. Some of its most epic features include convenience versatility and organization. It allows you to import images onto the software, organizing them neatly on the screen for ease of use. It is very convenient as it will enable you to make transformations rapidly within minutes. It has a variety of tools to better focus on and enhance the image. It has a user-friendly interface that adds to its ease of use.

Finally, this magic wand tool will revolutionize your performance on Photoshop. It can specifically select preferred areas with never before seen accuracy. Its ability to select an area based solely on the colors makes your selection automated and easy. Addition features allow for customization of the selected field to even more accurately suite your needs allowing you to manipulate the boundary to include or exclude specific areas within your field.

This makes this quick selection tool a must-have and imperative in your editing. It also allows you to adjust the brush size to facilitate the changes made on the field to even more accurately include or exclude certain areas. It is for this reason that this feature is vital in all editing practices and will enhance your editing and take it to never before reached heights. It is, therefore, a must-have for all editing work and is truly indispensable.