When you have a business and it is online-based, surely you need to come with an excellent outlook. Part of this outlook, image or photo has been a big tool to give greater space virtually for your existence among the people worldwide. Not that business, you may need the edition of your photos for personal needs as well to be focused on the virtual world more extensively.

Most importantly you may have different service and products and you can effectively and extensively reach your target audience with this photo. But photos are not ready and available solely to feed your needs. So, we have a team of image masking services to make sure you can get photos to feed your business and any other needs. So, you just know about image masking services and also get ideas who we are and how we can serve you.

What is Photoshop Image Masking

There are different types of image masking services. It is the process to either manipulate or alter photos in a different mode to show the specific need according to your needs. Mostly background removal technique is one of the masking services we provide to boost the quality of the photos even if the photos are concreted with hair and fur components. Additionally, you may have photos which are not good quality but we can make it beautiful and shape in the way where it is easy to catch your target audience.

In a word, Photo or image masking is a tool to edit the complex image for the purpose of manipulation, composition and removal and attachment of the background into other images and to shape a unique photo by ensuring better quality. It is also a process to remove the blur or unneeded portion of the images to shape the photo as per your specific need.

You note that we have advanced image masking services for any type of background removal and replacement with the impeccable touch of the team’s hand. So, we work with different tools which are hair & fur masking service, layer masking, and so on.

Types of Image Masking Services We Offer

We have some trending image masking services such as hair and fur masking service, collage masking service, refine edge masking, layer masking, colour masking, Alpha Channel Masking and many more.  We are currently offering these services worldwide. So, you know these services more details.

Hair and Fur Masking Service

When perfect and targeted attention to a photo is required, photo with hair and fur masking is one of the big deals to go. hair and fur masking are one of the difficult tasks but it is really one of the needs for a photo to make it real and sharp on a different background. Editing Photo with this tool shapes the photo as more focused to get the fast attention from first hand.

Hair and Fur Image Masking Services

We separate hair and or any type of fur from the background with hair and fur masking. We apply the best and advanced technology to make the photo more powerful and engaging. Advanced and complex layer masking is used to extract semi-transparent or translucent images like hairs, flames, highlights, feathers, smoke, lighting and other excellent objects. Additionally, we alter and separate from excellent objects images of clipping paths.

Collage Masking Service

Collage masking of the photos is another great tool provided by us to make the photo unique and engaging. This technique is used to erase the background of a photo perfectly and let the viewers focus on the photo with easy effort. This changed photo can be perfectly used for the purpose of leaflets, brochure and e-commerce site.

collage Image Masking Services

When you need a completely new and fresh photo from an original one, we use college masking so carefully to make it totally altered to be used for yourself. Additionally, photos with a lot of flaws and unneeded things can be altered and unique with the flawless hands of our team.

Refine Edge Masking

Refine Edge Image Masking Services

Refine edge masking is another tool that shapes the photo from the furry image. It is just a way to apply a layer mask and refine edge tool. Additionally, we use a pen tool and quick selection tool as well to bring the perfect photo from the original one. It is important to make the photo with a soft edge image. When you have photos of blanket, trees, toys and dolls, we can shape these images with a soft edge image.

Colour Masking

Colour masking is another service to edit random colours after applying the mask and limiting the level of displayed colures with required shades. There are different colour range and values of pixels which are used to edit the photo for natural outlook. In this way, we make the photos such as blanket, animals, trees, fabrics, hair, furry doll more real and natural.

Colour Image Masking Services

Colour masking may be one of the big requirements and we are ready to use colour masking to give you perfect edited photo. The team of this organization carefully apply different effects like colour and exposure correction and retouching process as well.

Layer Masking

In the world of photoshop editing, Layer masking is one of the fundamental tools in image alteration to make the photo more appalling. According to the best combination of the colour, it is important to modify the opacity of the layers in a specific area. It is important to keep a perfect balance between different colours.

Layer Masking

Note that there is no issue of uneven colour adjustment. This modification in terms of layers transparency has no effect on destructive layers. Additionally, this layer masking technique makes in the photo manipulation process as more colouring and luminosity masking.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is one of the best techniques to perform better on a single coloured background. In most cases, masks are stored in the alpha channels which are grayscale images to be edited in the way people may paint tools or editing tools.

Alfa Channel Masking

This technique is also creating an alpha channel to select a specific area of a photo on the basis of colour. It is the process of storing and changing selection outlines. It is also important to note that this alpha channel is used to creating graphics for video.

Transparency Masking

Transparency Masking

For the catalogue of product promotion, ad firms and online stores, transparency masking of the photo is really good tool which is used to separate transparent picture from the original one or background. This tool has a powerful and unique application on transparent and translucent things which are light ceramics, water fine edge jewellery, highlights and lighting, smoke, ice glass and more.

Translucent Masking

Translucent masking is the best tool for developing a photo which serves the aim of the product catalogue. This masking is one of the most responsive for segregating translucent images from their conditions. It is designed with a further comparison with transparent image masking. This translucent is a powerful tool in case the clipping path is not able to separate crystal clear images such as glass type components from their surroundings. This masking also ensures there is no unexpected pixels from a photo.

Translucent Masking

So, we effortlessly design with this translucent masking to make sure creating transparency with on distortion from the translucency. The task which is done carefully is that we remove background colours from translucent images and ensure complex shadow selection. This type of photo can be used and edited later on according to your needs as well.

Who Needs Image Masking Services

Anyone may need image masking service whether it is about business or personal need. For example, a photographer may take thousands of photos every day but he/she may not get a perfect photo with a perfect combination.

But you strongly need image when your business is totally about online and want to reach the people worldwide. You have a product and help boost the sale of the product and you must deal with photos. So, e-commerce seller needs image masking services for the purpose of-

  • Product catalogue
  • Online shop
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Realtors
  • A start-up business
  • Photo studio
  • Realtors

Why Choose us?

In the age of the competitive business world, image plays a crucial role to boost your business in the virtual world. We understand that you want to be visible in this virtual world in a more sophisticated, rapid and authentic way. So, we are working on this platform for a long time to let you go ahead with our service. This platform is also one of the trusted platforms where anyone can depend for data safety, security and confidentiality.

We have a dedicated team who first try to understand who are you and what your needs in terms of image masking services. They also understand your business, core values and requirements with patience. They are already handling tons of photos and images masking services with reputation with our present clients worldwide.

On-time delivery with ensuring better quality is our motto. We understand your deadline is so significant and urgent.  As part of a competitive business, every second is a big chance in this fast and forwarded world. So, we strongly meet the deadlines and deliver your images ahead of your deadline.

We don’t lag behind using the latest form of technology. We use the update and latest software in terms of incorporating the latest developments and trends and high-efficiency equipment such as high-resolution monitors and the latest generation of computers.

Outsourcing any photo works has a higher risk of scams, confidentiality and security. We make sure the secured mode of file transfer by using FTP or VPN to make sure your data is more protected and secured. Additionally, we have a backup of all files such as sourced and edited modes in case there is any data loss from your side and we can provide you even if you need after getting delivery.

The cost of our service is based on the market price. You can surely know about our pricing more details which can suit your budget. Surely this pricing structure is not going to be beyond your budget.

As per the social and legal responsibility of our business, we ensure a better and healthier working environment and competitive pay structure for the employees. We also take part in different social service for the deprived children and people in our community.

When you are going to partner with us, we welcome you. We hope that we can serve you with our highest effort. Additionally, we have clients worldwide and we working for them relentlessly. Every year, we are growing our unit and employing the most dedicated and skilled designer to work for you.


Sincerely yours,

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