Photo color correction services are one of the essential photo editing services. People see things in color and our eyes are very precise ‘instruments’, which detect even the slightest color deviations. As such, it is important to have the colors in order. Only by perfecting color calibration image settings, can you expect the ultimate results.

Everyone who is using photos in any semi-professional or professional way should really ensure that their photos are at their very best. This can only be done by applying photo color correction services, which can, of course, be done by the in-house team or outsourced to a photo editing company, which masters photo color editor. Either way, it is important that photos, which are intended to be used for any type of commercial use (t.i. to bring in profit) have their colors in perfect order.

We, the Clipping Masking Photoshop, prefer color correction Photoshop services. Photoshop is by far the best photo color editor. In combination with Adobe’s Lightroom, we are able to provide the ultimate photo color correction services.

In this article, we will go through all the ins and outs of photo color correction services, which will help you a lot if you decide to outsource this part of photo editing services. Moreover, it will help you to decide whether we, the Clipping Masking Photoshop, are worthy of your trust. And who knows, we might be the ones taking over all your photo color correction services.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

What Does Our Photo Color Correction Services Suggest?

Photo color correction services are extremely important. They can turn an average or even dull image into an amazing one. Photo color correction services are a rather extensive aspect as they include a very wide range of activities that all fall under the scope of color correction.

Furthermore, photo color correction services can refer to a general overall photo color correction or localized corrections. Moreover, each color channel can be individually adjusted in various variables, such as hue, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

A proper photo color correction also includes shadows adjustment, which can make a lot of difference. All in all, we always aim to apply all the necessary adjustments to make the final photo look perfect. Also, if it is a batch of photos that need to match, we make sure that color follows similar tons so that the correlation between the photos is obvious. Each and every photo color editor on our team is capable of delivering flawless results that will leave you speechless.

In the following paragraph, we will go into details regarding various aspects and types of photo color correction services.

Types of Photo Color Correction Services

There are many different ways in which photo color correction services can be divided. Herein, we have decided to present the most common types, the once that we most often encounter.

Portrait Image

Portrait Image - Photo Color Correction ServicesPortrait photos are still one of the most common types of photos. And it is extremely important to apply the right kind of color correction to the face to enhance the photo and make it look awesome but at the same time keep that natural look. There are so many lines and shadows on a single face and just by making super small adjustments we can make the final image look very different than the original version.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography - Photo Color Correction ServicesCommercial photography most commonly refers to images of products, or models representing products. Generally, any photo that is used in any commercial way can fall under this category. With commercial photos, there is one ultimate goal that prevails and that is PROFIT. Photos must convert well and this can only be achieved if the colors are perfect and people react to those colors in a positive way.

Wedding Images

Wedding images - Photo Color Correction ServicesA wedding is an extremely important event. Despite the fact that the divorce rate has gone up in the last decade noticeably, the wedding is still a one-time event for most people. As such, they normally expect and deserve to have memories in the form of perfect photos. Color corrections on wedding photos are one of the very common jobs that we perform. Wedding photos also typically come in large batches and thus require a common color theme so that all photos match in away. There are countless wedding photographers that use our services.

HDR Editing and Blending Services

HDR Editing and Blending ServicesHDR editing and blending services are more advanced editing techniques and are normally ordered by professionals only. With both of these techniques, it is extremely important not to overdo it. The goal is always to have photos look as natural as possible, so subtle touch is very important when it comes to HDR editing and blending services.

Ghosting Correction

Ghosting Correction - Photo Color Correction ServicesEven most experienced photographers can end up with slightly blurry photos. It is our job to turn those kinds of images into sharp looking photos that have no ghosts. Our experienced professionals are able to take a non-perfect photo and line it up carefully to ensure that the end result looks as originally intended. This is a rather advanced technique and it normally demands more time and comes with a slightly higher cost rate.

Sharpening and Contrast Correction

Sharpening and Contrast Correction - Photo Color Correction ServicesAs mentioned above, the actual color correction action themselves are just a small portion of over photo color correction services. Sharpening and contrast correction are a very important part to get the results we and our clients want. Contrast and sharpening are booth very good aspects to make the image more dramatic. It is very important to apply the right amount of adjustment to meet the element and dynamic of the photo and of course the goal of the photo.

Other Color Correction Services

In the previous section we have covered most common and consequently the most important photo color correction services, however, there are many other actions that can make a major difference as well. Let’ have a closer look at those as well.

Image Stitching

Image Stitching - Photo Color Correction ServicesImage stitching is a very important technique to be used when we want to turn several images into one single (normally larger) image. This technique is often used to cover panoramic views, whole 3d view of a room, aerial photos, and others.

The photo color correction is a super important part of image stitching as all the photos must be adjusted accordingly to make the final united image look like a flawless unit.

White Balance Adjustment

White Balance Adjustment - Photo Color Correction ServicesWhite balance is one of the most important aspects that noticeably affects the overall colors of the photo. Go too much towards one end and a photo will look super cold and bluish but going toward the other end, photo turns warmly and orange. It is very important to get the white balance adjustments right in order to make the photo look as natural as possible.

Black Points

Black Points - Photo Color Correction ServicesBlack points adjustment falls into the localized photo corrections. Certain parts of an image are often basically completely dark. Sometimes we want that and others we don’t. As such, it is very important to adjust the black point correctly to get the most realistic looks. Using the combination of various tools provided within the photo color editor, this can be achieved rather fast and with flawless results.

White Points

White Points - Photo Color Correction ServicesIn contrast to black points, there are also white points that must be adjusted/corrected accordingly. By setting the white point correctly (when applicable) we set the right brightness to the overall image.


Contrast - Photo Color Correction ServicesContrast is a tricky setting. There is no overall rule regarding this aspect. It is extremely important for a photo color editor to have a good eye, which enables him or her to set the contrast level in a way that will match the composition of the photo, its purpose, and colors. Again, we want the photo to look as natural as possible, yet to have strong enough contrast to catch the eye in an appealing way.


Saturation - Photo Color Correction ServicesSaturation is even trickier than the contrast. In combination with vibration (which is a more subtle aspect of adjusting saturation), it serves to make the colors pop out and make them more vivid. It is a very powerful setting and can make wonders. However, it is common for an inexperienced photo color editor to over or under-saturate an image.

It is important to make the colors more alive and to stand out a bit, however, this must be done in a subtle way.


SharpnessSharpness is sometimes used to make the photo sharper. However, often time we can achieve the results by lowering the sharpness and get a sort of dream effect. Sharpness is also a more advanced setting and must be dealt with maximum caution.

Image Bracketing

Image BracketingMany professional photographers use this technique to make unique photos. Image bracketing includes photos of the same object/landscape/subject with various camera settings. We then use all those various photos and create the most amazing photo is via the editing process.

Addition of Color Hues to Fit a Mood

Addition of Color Hues to Fit a Mood Hue adjustment is also a very powerful setting and can change each individual color drastically. Yet again, it is super important to keep in natural. Overdoing it can create visible distortions and color abbreviations.

Proper hue adjustments help us capture the exact corresponding mood and deliver the most spectacular results.

Glossy or Matte Finishing

Glossy or Matte FinishingThis is a special touch that must match the needs and photo occasion. Sometimes the glossy effect is what will give that WOW effect but sometimes matte is what will do the trick. Here we can follow the needs and instructions of our client or our designers can follow their touch and apply the effect to deliver the ultimate results.

Re-colorizing Black and White Photos

Re-colorizing Black and White PhotosWe use this technique quite often in old black and white photos. After reconstructing or repairing old black and white photos, we can change them into colorful photos by re-colorizing them. Photos in colors look way more alive and bring strong emotion to the surface.

Benefits of Color Correction Photo Editing Services

Whether we are talking about personal photos, such as wedding photos or travel photos, or if we move to commercial material, the goal is ultimately the same – catch the viewer’s eye and get the most positive reaction to the photo.

Photo color correction services a part of photo editing processes that simply can’t be skipped if we were to get the best end product. Colors must be adjusted properly to meet the photo’s settings, photo’s theme, photo’s agenda and goal, and more. This is done by adjusting various aspects and setting within the color correction Photoshop process, which can only be done by a photo color editor.

The benefits of photo color correction services are enormous. When we talk about personal use they can change an average memory into the most mind-blowing and wall-frame-worthy photo that will evoke the most positive feeling upon every glance.

In the commercial world, it can make a big difference when it comes to making a profit and achieving the right reaction from customers and clients. Moreover, multiple color correction can be used to turn a single product photo into various color instances of that same object. This is extremely useful in the case of apparel online stores.

Who Needs Color Correction Photo Editing Services?

In our opinion, proper photo color correction services are needed by anyone who wants to have the best possible version of their photos. Of course, this becomes optional when we talk about the personal use, however, there shouldn’t be a single business that could afford to overlook this part of photo editing if they want to get the best results from their graphic material.

These days clients have a keen eye and are very sensitive if the photos are off. As such, you as a business must do all that it is in your power to present them with flawless photos that will evoke the most positive reaction. Knowing the types and tons of colors that will get the right reaction is the key.

This is often dictated by the current trends but a lot of it derives from the human phycology and there are specific colors and tones that are more likely to evoke a positive reaction. Accounting for this is super important.

Why Choose Us

Well, we hate to brag, but our team of Photoshop professionals has an amazing record. We leave behind amazing results and nothing but 100 % satisfied clients.

We have work on thousands of thousands personal and professional projects and have edited millions of photos. Of course, photo color correction services are just a very small portion of our full range of photo editing services, however, they represent a very important part. Colors are what our eyes register and we know how important that first signal sent from our eyes to our brain is.

If you are looking for reliable photo color correction services at a highly affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place.

Moreover, we have a very prompt and helpful support service, which well answer all your questions. Further, our designers are more than happy to provide you with their advice and help you steer down the right paths, the one that will lead you towards getting the most amazing photos, in perfect color balance.

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