Photo restoration services are another action that our team of designers has mastered to perfection.

 Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we are able to convert even the most damaged and scratched photo into a flawless one in a very short time with no trace of the photo ever being damaged.

Photo restoration services are surprisingly common. There are more and more people who get nostalgically and would like to repair their, their parents’, or their grandparents’ photos. Old photos are rarely incapable, thus old photo restoration is needed.

We have also been faced with disaster restoration services when catastrophic events like tornado’s, floods, and earthquakes have damaged photos. Families want us to help them restore their memories and we are more than happy to get this noble job.

Many people search for photo restoration services, by typing into the Google search bar the ‘photo restoration near me’ keyword. But let us tell you, that this is not necessary.

You can simply scan your hard copied old photos and use the services provided online. Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we have taken care of photo restoration services for clients from all across the globe.

Duo to our high-quality services and very competitive prices, we have countless clients from North America, Australia, and Europe. ‘Photo restoration near me’ search is a thing of the past.

We have decided to create this article and present you with all the details regarding the photo restoration services to make help you rest assured that your even most damaged photos can be restored.

Herein we will touch basically all aspects of the photo restoration services, both old photo restoration, and disaster restoration services, which are the most common ones.

Moreover, we will also tell you how to restore photos, and what action steps our designers take to deliver the best end results.

Photo Restoration Service Categories

In this section, we will take a closer look at various categories of photo restoration services. Not every type of damage or restoration process is the same. They all request a special kind of skill and knowledge.

However, a good photo restoration services provider should be able to handle all of the below-listed categories.

Vintage and Black & White Photo Restoration

Vintage and Black White Photo Restoration servicesVintage and black & white photos are typically older than 30 years. If you know anything about the hard copy photos, you know that they start to get pale with years. As such, it is important to get those old photos restored on time before the objects in the photo vanish completely.

A proper photo restoration services provider will be able to deliver you with the photos that will look as good or even better than on the day they were developed.

Damaged Photo Restoration

Damaged Photo Restoration servicesAnother common photo restoration services include fixing damaged photos. As we said, we are not fixing the actual photo, you must scan it or take a good (high-quality) photo of it.

Using the best software on the market, which is without a doubt Photoshop, a photo restoration services provider is then able to digital repair damaged photos. Bellow, we will go into detail regarding some of the most common types of damages.

Repair of Ripped and Torn Photos

Repair of Ripped and Torn PhotosAfter spending year upon years in various conditions, it is no wonder that photographs get damaged. The time is not spearing any object and the photo paper loses its flexibility, as such, it gets torn or ripped easily.

As such, any photo restoration services provider must be well capable of fixing all types of ripped and torn photos with ease.

Repair of Water Damage

Repair of Water Damage - photo restoration servicesAnother common issue is water. Water damage to photos occurs during floods, in-home leaks, or a simple clumsy spills.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to worry because most of those can be repaired. It is important that you do try to dry photos that have gotten wet as soon as possible.

If you use a cloth to wipe them, don’t use force but just gently touch the surface of the photos and let the cloth absorb the water.

Moreover, avoid using direct sunlight to dry the photos as it can further damage the photos. If you do expose them to direct sunlight, make sure to place them up-side-down.

Repair of Mold Damage

Repair of Mold Damage - photo restoration servicesMold is a common issue in many households. Especially in the basements or the attics, where many families store their old photos. Mold can colonize the photos rather fast, especially if they are slightly moist.

If the photos are not completely covered with mold, we are typically able to restore the photos and have them in perfect condition again.

Black & White Photo Colorize

Black & White Photo ColorizeAnother rather common photo restoration services include black and white photo colorize actions. This means that old black and white photos can be colorized to make them look fresh and beautiful.

We perform this service in a completely natural way, making sure that color selection looks natural and goes well with the photo settings.

This service is normally used for old photos that will be used as a sort of presentation or as a part of the gift. There is just something about the colors that scream life.

All-in-all humans see colors for a reason and though black & white photos have a certain nostalgic and artistic touch to them, most individuals prefer to see photos in colors.

Image Color Restoration

Image Color RestorationEven if the photo had colors, they might have been lost over the years or the development technique used back in the days wasn’t the best and the colors might have never been great.

For such images, a color restoration is a great fix. We can bring colors back to life, make them more vivid and bright, and also change the colors completely if needed.

Photo Enhancement Services

Photo Enhancement ServicesAs you can imagine, basically all old photos require this service. There isn’t a single old photo that wouldn’t look a couple of times better after the photo enhancement services have been performed on it. That is a common step to all old photo restoration services.

Moreover, photo enhancement service is not limited to old photos, there are new digital photos that need enhancement as well.

Further, we wouldn’t be lying if were to say that almost every photo in the world can be improved by applying photo enhancement services.

Photo enhancement can even include replacing/removing/adding other objects or people into the photo. We can create a photo of you and a certain celebrity.

List of Our Old Photo Restoration Services

In this section, you can find a full list of photo restoration services that we, the Clipping Masking Photoshop, perform on a daily basis.

Photographic Reproduction of Old Photos

Photographic Reproduction of Old PhotosOld photos are very often worn out or damaged in some way. As such they require photographic reproduction. This means that a proper photo reproduction service is needed.

For use to start this process, we must receive digital files (photos or scans) of original photos that need photo reconstruction services. You can do this part yourself or visit a local copy center where they must carefully scan your photos. Make sure to always use the flatbed to avoid any damage to the photos.

Digitally Restoring Old Photographs

Digitally Restoring Old PhotographsWe use Photoshop, which is Adobe’s piece of photo editing software. It allows us to digitally manipulate the photo, replace and reconstruct damaged parts, correct colors, and more.

Our trained professionals use Photoshop to do the magic needed to deliver amazing final results that make old photos look like they’ve been taken yesterday.

Professional Photo Editing

Professional Photo EditingAll our designers are highly trained and well experienced. Only our most experienced team members are the ones working on photo restoration as it requires a super wide range of skills.

We are perfectionists and always aim to deliver flawless results. Your satisfaction is our main priority and this can only be achieved by maximum professionalism on our end.

High-End Retouching

High-End RetouchingIf there are any damages, we first remove those and perform the reconstructing action needed. However, no photo restoration services process is complete without high-end photo retouching. This part makes the photos look perfect and ready for print (if you decide so).

Increase Photo Resolution Online

Increase Photo Resolution OnlineWe are able to increase photo resolution to a certain level. However, there is always a limitation based on the original file. Thus, we always ask our clients to deliver high-resolution scans or photos of the photos that require photo restoration services.

Enlarging Old Photos

Enlarging Old PhotosWe are also able to enlarge photos but as mentioned above, we can deliver the best results if the original scan or photo is of high quality.

Portrait Retouching

Portrait RetouchingPortraits are very common when it comes to old photos. In the past, not everyone owned a camera and thus it the photo-taking culture was very different from the one we are used to today.

Portraits were the most common photo styles. Of course, we make sure all portraits are retouched and in perfect condition before we deliver the photos to you.

Water Damaged Photo Restoration

Water Damaged Photo RestorationAs mentioned above, water damage is pretty common as such we have a lot of experience in dealing with all types of water damaged photo restoration.

Whether the water damaged can from a flood, a home-leak, or spilled, we make sure it becomes a thing of the past.

Digital Photo Enhancement

Digital Photo EnhancementPhotoshop is an incredible tool when in the hands of a professional. Often time the sky is the limit when it comes to photo enhancement. Of course, the most amazing results do require more time and thus cost extra.

However, our experts make sure to perform at least some basic level of photo enhancement to every photo restoration services.

Antique Photo Restoration

Antique Photo RestorationIf a photo is really old, there is very little chance that it isn’t somewhat damaged or at least paled. Unless the photo has been stored in the perfect environment, which is only done by professionals with highly valuable photos, you might want to get your photo restored while it’s still time. Antique photo restoration is a very common service.

Colorize a Black-and-White Photo

Colorize a Black-and-White PhotoColorizing black & white photos is an amazing service that can turn a rather dull black and white photo into a colorful and interesting one. This makes the scene look alive and great.

You have to remember that the past wasn’t any less full of colors, even if the photos don’t show it. So why not recreate that?

How to Restore Old or Damaged Photos?

The entire process starts with careful handling of the original photo. Whether you will use our services or any other’s photo restoration services provider online, you will need to take care of this process yourself.

When handling old photos, be very careful. If possible, use a dry cloth and clean them a bit, blow away the dust using your breath, etc. but all with high caution to avoid any additional damage.

Once you have cleaned them as much as possible, you have two options – you can use your camera (if of good quality) and take the photo of the image or use a scanner.

Using a scanner is typically a much better option. Make sure to use the flatbed scanner and aim for the higher resolution possible, preferably above 600 PDI. If you don’t own a scanner, you can visit a local copy company.

If you decide to use your high-quality smartphone’s camera or any other digital camera to take the photos of the old images, make sure to create perfect lighting conditions.

You want to avoid glare, which means windows and direct lights must be avoided. Using flash is also not a good way to go.

Once you have a digital version of a photo or batch of photos that you want to restore, you will need to use advanced photo editing software.

We honestly believe that Adobe’s Photoshop is the best and probably the only piece of software capable of handling all types of photo restoration services, of course, only when used by trained designers.

A Photoshop expert will determine which tools and action steps to take to get the best possible results. This normally involves using path selection and masking tools, creating multiple layers, and more. The exact actions, of course, depending on the photo’s condition.

The time spent on a single photo fully depends on the photo’s initial condition. If the image is not damaged at all and only requires color correction, for instance, the process can be rather fast.

However, if the photo is damaged in any way, restoration can take a lot of time.

Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop, we make sure to take no shortcuts. We always deliver flawless results and though we do the best to be as fast as possible, we never compromise the final product quality.

What to Expect From Your Image Restoration?

This fully depends on the photo restoration services provider that you will choose. However, if you decide to put your trust in us, we can promise you that you can expect miracles.

Honestly, we have saved countless photos that owners thought were beyond repair. Now, don’t expect magic, but we truly believe that we can save any photos that have at least 50 % and up of the original photo visible. That way, our designers can recreate the missing or damaged parts.

If there are photos too damaged for us to save them, we will be honest and tell you that they are beyond our capabilities but this hasn’t happened before.

Thus far we have a 100% success rate and have left behind nothing but the pleased and satisfied clients, who got their memories restored and now have photos available in digital format which will be with them for many years to come.

Furthermore, of course, they can also print them out as many times as they please.

If you have any questions regarding the photo restoration services, please do not hesitate in contacting us. The best way to do so is by sending us an email displayed on our contact page. One of our professionals will reply to your answer shortly.

Moreover, if you have any photos that require restoration services, please let us know. We promise to provide you with incredible results in the shortest time possible and at the most affordable prices.

We look forward to taking care of your needs for photo restoration services.