All of us who are lucky enough to have a healthy set of eyes tend to rely on them constantly. As such, it is not at all surprising that we make most of our decisions based on how things look.

This is why today’s marketing strategies all across the globe rely on flawless, professional graphic material. Videos are very popular, however, photos are still the king because they are used online and also in printed formats.

Given the above, it is highly important for any company and business looking to be successful and competitive in 2020 to have its photo touch-up services well covered. There isn’t a single niche that would be able to avoid this part. Even non-profit organizations must have their graphical content done to perfection to get people to take action and make an impact.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Clipping Masking Photoshop. We have been in operation for a long time and have specialized in supplying clients from all sorts of industries with top-notch photo retouching service over and over again. We are able to cover the full aspect of photo editing and manipulation to help you present yourself in the best possible light.

Herein, we will tell you all about the photo retouch services, We will start by explaining what is photo retouch services, why should you choose photo retouch service, when to use photo touch-up service, and more. We will also explain various types of photo retouching services and how to choose the right photo retouch services for your needs.

Moreover, we will tell you more about our photo touch-up workflow and how to choose the best photo retouching company.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

What is Photo Retouch Services?

Photo retouching, photo retouch, or also photo touch-up service is the process of changing/altering with an intent to improve the image and prepare it for the final presentation, whether online or in a printable format.

Photo retouch services usually include small acts of local adjustments to the image, which are usually done after the global adjustment (such as color correction). Essentially, retouching can be viewed as the polishing of an image. After the white balance, cropping, and color adjustments have been made, photo retouch services will focus on the adjustment of other elements of an image.

Of course, there are many types of photo touch-up services and we will address some of them later on.

Even though that photo touch-up services officially refer to final detailed touches, the term has become known and often interchangeable with basically any type of photo editing and adjusting, which can be rather confusing for us.

Thus we want to educate all potential clients as much as possible regarding the photo retouch services and encourage them to be as detailed-focused as possible regarding their photo editing needs when submitting their orders and requests.

Why Should You Choose a Photo Retouch Service?

We gave you more than strong enough reason in the introduction chapter, however, let’s focus slightly more on why should you choose a photo retouch service, shall we?

First, let’s make something clear, not every photo or every business needs a photo retouch service. So let’s have a look at when to use photo touch-up services.

If you are a company or an individual, who wants to present itself through the photos to the general public and get them to take the specific action you probably want your photos to be at their very best. And for a photo to be at its top level, simple adjustments just aren’t enough. A photo retouch service is that final touch that can take a good photo and turns it into a perfect one.

As a photo editing company, we have performed photo retouching for all sorts of industries and niches, but there are certain ones that stand out a bit.

There is not a single high-quality company that would print out any material without a prior photo retouch service. This includes all magazine companies.

Photographers are another common client of ours. They often have bulk photos of an event such as a wedding and can’t find the time to edit all photos themselves.

Then there are e-commerce products. It is a common misconception that photo touch-up services are only applied to photos with people in them. But to present an object at its best a photo retouch service is definitely in place.


Types of Photo Retouching Service

There are many types of photo touch-up services and herein we will take a closer look at some of the most common ones.

Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching is without a doubt still the most common photo retouching service out there. Portrait retouching was used to use by high-end modeling magazines alone, however, nowadays, there is a very small percentage of portrait photos, whether in digital or printed form that would have at least some basic retouching applied to them.

Potrait Photo Retouch Service

Portrait retouching can include many underlying tasks; pimple removal, shadows correction, wrinkles removal, skin tone correction, birthmarks removal, pores reduction, hair volume increase, hairline correction, and many more.

If you are an experienced client who knows exactly what you want, then you can be very specific on which of the above action steps you want photo retouch services to focus on.

However, most orders we get simply say that they want a general portrait retouching. In this case, we do our magic and turn the photo in its best possible version, which is what most clients are after anyway.

The price of a portrait retouching service depends greatly on the condition of the original photo and the number of imperfections in one’s face.

Body Retouching

Another highly popular photo touch-up service type is body retouching. Despite the fact that we all aim to make everyone feel beautiful, there are still high standards set by the males and females models. Their bodies most come out flawless. Thus body wrinkles, cellulite, imperfect six-pack abs, cleavages, muscle tones, birthmarks, and other imperfections must be removed.

Body Photo Retouch Service

This is where body retouching enters the scene. A proper body retouching service will turn an average body into a perfect-looking model. Aside from dealing with imperfections, it also takes care of the skin tone, muscle pop-outs, and more.

Body retouching is not only used with people that are in bathing suits or underwear but it is also applied to change the shape of people wearing clothes as well. It can be used to make a buttocks pup out more, narrow the things, reduces the belly, and more.

Again the price of a body retouching service will highly depend on the extent of work needed to be done on a single photo.

High-End Retouching

High-end retouching is all about keeping the details and texture intact in an image that looks as natural as possible. High-end retouching ensures that a photo looks unretouched, which can only be accomplished by aiming for a polished appearance while having a ton of patience and wise choices in retouching techniques.

High End Photo Retouch Service

High-end retouching is without a doubt a must when it comes to portrait or body retouching for photos that will be used in large formats or on the cover of a magazine.

Despite the fact that we always do the best we can to apply top-notch retouching service, we encourage our clients to specify when high-end retouching is required.

As you can expect, high-end retouching will cost more than regular retouching as it demands a lot more time and effort.

Product Photo Retouching

Photos of products are what make the sales these days. Especially online. Without great-looking product photos, your sales just won’t take off as much as they could.

Product Photo Retouch Service

Thus, it is no surprise that we get a lot of product photo retouching requests.

We could say that product photo retouching is, in general, a less complex process compared to portrait or body retouching, however, it fully depends on the complexity of the objects and the number of imperfections.

The latter is also what determines the price of the product photo retouching services.

Glamour Retouching

Glamour Retocuchaing

Glamour Retouching is a particular kind of photo enhancement mostly for commercial use. In fact, it normally deals with professional models’ resumes or magazine cover retouching. It is a specific kind of high-end retouching, which delivers that glamorous final look.

Glamour retouching services will, of course, cost you more.

Newborn Retouching

Newborns and babies are beautiful, however, they went through a tough process called birth, which is why many still have reactions to adjusting to life outside the womb. This often reflects in the form of rashes and other skin abnormalities, which newborn retouching takes care of with ease.

New Born Retouching

Another area where newborn retouching is used is baby ID photos. A baby can sit up straight by itself, thus a grownup’s hand or some other object is used to support the baby’s head during a photoshoot, which must be later properly removed. To get perfect results, newborn retouching is often needed.

Newborn retouching services are most often requested by photographers or directly by the parents.

It again depends on the complexity of each case, but the price of a newborn retouching service can compare to one of the portrait or body retouches.

The Retouching Workflow We Apply

Here at Clipping Masking Photoshop we have a group of highly trained and experienced professional graphic designers who’ve perfected their skills in Photoshop. Of course, each of them uses his or her own approach and detailed workflow, however, we’ve decided to present you with an overview workflow that covers the most important aspects.

Herein some of the basic steps in a photo retouch services process will be covered. Of course, not all of the action steps are applied in every retouch service. Moreover, there are tasks that require some additional photo touch-up steps not presented below.

Background Removal

Background Removal

Background removal is probably the most common part of any photo retouch service, which is strange since it is not part of the retouching by the definition. Background removal is performed by the clipping path service and is often performed as a stand-alone service. However, if a specific retouching request demands background removal (which is often the case), our Photoshop experts perform this action as part of the process first.

Dust, Spot, and Scratch Removal

After the background has been removed, our team members take care of the dust, spots, and scratches by removing them completely.

Dust Spot Scratch Removal

Removing dust, spots, and scratches is a common step; no one wants to have those in their photos, right? The key here is that this action must be performed in a subtle way, resulting in a photo that looks flawless. Our designers are exceptional when it comes to this part.

NOTE: Dust, spot, and scratch removal is also available as a stand-alone service.

Wrinkles on Clothing

Wrinkles on Clothing

Wrinkles on clothing are a rather common flaw in many photos, whether we deal with clothing alone or worn by people. Wrinkles make cloth look ways less appealing and thus result in a bad reaction from customers and viewers. As such, we make sure are wrinkles on clothing are completely removed, without leaving any mark or trace of editing.

Our experts have turn even the most wrinkled clothing into silky-smooth pieces of apparel time and time over.

Beauty Airbrushing

Beauty Airbrushing

This part is super important. Digital or beauty airbrushing is a useful technique applied to portrait photos using image editing programs in Photoshop. Airbrush skin will help you hide skin blemishes and imperfections. This technique helps us make your shots look glamorous and professional.

Camera Reflection Removal

Removing a reflection from a photograph using Photoshop is a challenge. There are many different types of reflections and each requires a different approach. Small light reflection artifacts or lens flares frequently mar outdoor photographs. To remove a small glare in a glass window you need to blend it back into its background. If you want to remove a reflection in a mirror, you need to replace that part of the image with other pixels. Oftentimes the use of a deft touch to reconstruct reality and match light and atmospheric levels is needed.

Camera Reflection removal

Despite the fact that camera reflection removal can represent a challenge, here at Clipping Masking Photoshop we always take perfect care of it.


Above we have covered some of the most common aspects of our photo retouch services workflow steps. However, there are often times photos submitted to us that require many additional advanced editing techniques to achieve the best possible results. This often requires the use of multiple layers, paths, and masks to be used within Photoshop.

Thus far we haven’t had a single photo that our team wouldn’t be able to turn into a masterpiece. As such we encourage you to challenge us.

How to Choose the Best Photo Retouching Company

There are many freelancers and self-proclaimed Photoshop experts these days, especially online, that it can be rather challenging to find the best photo retouching company.

Herein, we will point out some trades that you should pay attention to before submitting your order. If you want to avoid the hustle and risk of being scams, we, of course, advise you to put your trust in our hands but more on that in the next section.

A perfect photo retouch services specialist is armed with the best tools of the trade and knowledge of advanced industrial design. You should always seek a photo retouch services expert that offers a portfolio of exemplary design, fast turn-around time, and reasonable price.

When you are looking for a photo touch-up specialist, you also have to make sure they offer sophisticated design services. Today’s market demands excellence and sophisticated design services are the key indicator of the quality of the experts offered. The leading designers will add value to your images, giving you a choice of flexible design. If you are also able to get an affordable price, you got yourself a winning candidate.

And as a smart business owner or a freelance photographer, you should aim for nothing less.

Why We Are The Best for Photo Retouching Service

If you are in need of a perfect photo retouch services solution, we can help you out. Given all of the above information, you now know that we have a lot of knowledge regarding photo touch-up services.

We’ve been offering the ultimate photo retouch services solutions for many years. We offer a world-class design team at a fraction of the cost compared to other USA-based designers and photo retouching companies. We can take over all your photo retouching tasks and take off a lot of burden off your design teams’ hands or be your design team altogether.

We know how to handle the most advanced photo touch-up needs and all other photo editing needs as well. We aim to provide a comprehensive photo retouch services solution for e-commerce stores, photographers, graphic designers, and other businesses looking to build and display stunning images without exceeding their budget.

We are always happy to chat with our customers and clients about their needs and answer any questions that might occur. You can also contact our designers today to learn more about our services or discuss details regarding your photo retouch services needs. If you’re ready to place an order for high-quality photo retouch services or some other graphic design services, visit our order page right away.

If you have any questions about our services, you are more than welcome to browse our website for some useful information or send us an email, to which we will reply in no time.